Boost your Side Hustle

with this 5-Week eCourse

Take the fast track to develop the essential skills & business acumen that you need to boost your Side Hustle. 

Here's how the course works:


Boost Your Brand's Identity

Learn the hard and soft skills necessary to succeed: Your Brand Identity, Distinctive Assets, and more!


Craft a Marketing Strategy

Build a cohesive campaign, learn where your ICA lives, discover new tools to make marketing easier!


Jumpstart Your Revenue Streams

Create multiple revenue streams this year to take your business to the next level!

What’s covered in the course?

Branding & Marketing

Learn the Branding and Marketing Basics to help elevate your brand. Courses includes Knowing your Brand Guidelines, How to create a cohesive campaign, and more!

Revenue Streams & Persuasion

Sell without being sales-y and learn a few tricks to be truly innovative! We'll teach you the core strategies of multiple revenue streams to get you there.


Our goal isn't to get you to graduation — it's to help you land your dream clients! And we've got the resources to get you there.

Learn in and outside of the classroom:

Unit 1


How to set up your environment, new tools & time blocking to get a head start.

Unit 3 and 4

Branding & Marketing

Discover myriad branding & marketing tips and tricks. Your style guide, cohesive campaigns and much more!

Unit 2

Persuasion and Marketing

How to create a campaign that sells itself!

Unit 5

Revenue Streams

How to innovate multiple revenue streams, sales funnel basics & recurring revenue ideas. 

Let's Boost your Side Hustle!

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